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Our story

The Story of

We are here for tax teams who need a full, transparant overview, and in-dept insight into their company data within a professional working environment. Coperitas creates insight in the legal entities and structure, intercompany transactions, value chain, and financials.

We noticed the transfer pricing compliance burden grew substantially for MNEs. We found it a pity that well-educated professionals were swamped with manual labour on having to create many reports each year or spend extensive fees on external consultants to do so. This reduced their job satisfaction and they were less able to perform those activities they were educated to do and passionate about. MNEs were meanwhile struggling to find and maintain sufficient staff to perform such activities.

We wanted to help them by creating both a solution that takes away all the repetitive work that does not require their brainpower and simultaneously providing them insight to support them in performing analyses that add value.

“From the start of our project, the people of Coperitas were very flexible in their way of working. This caused the project to go very smoothly and left us with a positive feeling.”

Hein Fortuin - Inspired

Customer is king. Therefore, we offer the customer at all times the opportunity to decide how they want to work with the software. This can range from independent, to collaborative, to outsourced, the choice is theirs! In addition, the software is so flexible that it is adapted to the customer’s wishes and needs at all times. In this way, we strive for optimal satisfaction.


For us, the most important thing is that the customer is helped, which is why we always help find the best solution. In addition, it is important to know what developments are going on. That is why we regularly engage with the customer to know what is going on and how we can best support them.


Using the software, customers are relieved from repetitive and boring tasks. This gives our customers more time and space for work that adds value to their business. In the long run, this results in more job satisfaction.

Price friendly

At Coperitas, our software tool is price-friendly for the customer. In fact, at Coperitas you pay per country. As a result, you pay an attractive fixed amount per year which takes care of all your Transfer Pricing work!


Our mission & vision

Supporting our clients in gaining control over Transfer Pricing activities and increasing job satisfaction. We strive to provide a flexible, tailor-made solution as a proactive partner that eliminates our clients' repetitive tasks and helps them meet deadlines.

To become the global standard in delivering automated solutions for Transfer Pricing, known for its human touch, flexibility, and proactive mindset, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the job satisfaction of both our own employees and our clients. At Coperitas, we believe that job satisfaction is essential for long-term success and growth.

Founded in 2016

The Coperitas journey

The journey of Coperitas began in 2016 when we took on the challenge of creating the extra mile for multinationals. Our goal: to answer the increasing demand for flexible transfer pricing software from tax teams. This started the search for an effective solution to the growing compliance burden of multinationals.

The idea for Coperitas was brought to life as the compliance burden continued to grow.
Start of Coperitas
The first version of Coperitas went live for our launching customer.
The Launch
Our implementation at the launching customer was completed successfully.
Coperitas is available for tax teams & transfer pricing experts.
Available to market
Building on the brand and improving our tool every day.
Improving daily

Coperitas journey

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