The Story of Coperitas

The journey of Coperitas began in 2016 when we took on the challenge of creating the extra mile for multinationals. Our goal: to answer the increasing demand for flexible transfer pricing software from tax teams. This started the search for an effective solution to the growing compliance burden of multinationals. One thing was very clear from the start: our solution had to be user-friendly and enable tax teams to become and remain in control without unnecessary interference from consultants. And we achieved our goal. Coperitas succeeded in creating a transfer pricing tool that can function as a stand-alone solution for your transfer pricing challenges and automation.

We are here for tax teams who need a full and transparent overview and in-depth insight into company data within a professional working environment. Coperitas creates insight in the legal entities and structure, intercompany transactions, value chain and financials. On the well-defined dashboard all this information is combined, and the great transfer pricing documentation generator makes sure you always stay compliant and in control. Because of the flexible way Coperitas is designed, it can also serve as a solution for challenges related to tax, finance, and legal matters.

During development, we worked closely with tax teams of multinationals and transfer pricing experts. This resulted in additional features. Precisely these features made the in-house tax department of one of the largest Dutch multinationals decide to switch from their running software solution to Coperitas.

It is our passion to empower tax teams to operate independently and become in control of their transfer pricing with the help of technology. We guide clients to make an informed decision on the optimal use of technology within their company. Partnerships enable us to offer clients software solutions that are not only applicable to today‚Äôs goals, but also to those of tomorrow. Thanks to these partnerships, Coperitas can rely on a combined experience of over 100 years of practical transfer pricing knowledge. This means that we can support you every step of the way! Interested?


2016 Start of Coperitas
The first idea for Coperitas was developed.

2019 Integration
The first implementation was completed successfully.

2018The Launch
The first version of Coperitas went live for our launching customer.

2020 – Available to market
Coperitas is available for Tax teams & transfer pricing experts.


Working closely together with our strategic partners enables Coperitas to offer clients the optimal and full transfer pricing solution.

Advance Tax Group

Advance Tax Group is considered to be a frontrunner when it comes to Tax, Finance and automation.

By combining the process, content and legislative knowledge with the latest technology, ATG is able to provide the best solution for every challenge a company comes across.

ATG is a partner in innovation that helps companies to the next step in digitalization.

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Dutchworld IT solutions

“Always on, always improving”. Driven web interaction and software experts.

Dutchworld works with Java and IT professionals who are committed to elevate the Coperitas cloud platform.

Besides that, Dutchworld provides customers with open source software solutions with a client first mentality.

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Faster. Better. more fun. Smarter.

With the experience of SMRTR they are able to deliver customised solutions and tackle complex problems, while working together every step of the way.

Their expertise lies in making operational processes smarter with Robotic process automation, Lean, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

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Quantera Global

Quantera Global is an independent consultancy firm fully focused on transfer pricing.

Providing support in all aspects of transfer pricing (design and strategy, compliance, finance, controversy and much more)

Their international network allows them to serve their clients around the globe with tailor made solutions.

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