Benchmarking solution by Coperitas 

At the core of our discussion is benchmarking – a vital study for establishing arms-length ranges for intercompany transactions. Benchmarking ensures that pricing strategies meet regulatory standards and withstand scrutiny, in that way, avoiding costly disputes with tax authorities and penalties. It involves setting prices for new transactions or testing existing prices to ensure they align with market standards. 


Regional Variations in Benchmarking 

The approach to benchmarking can vary significantly between regions, reflecting diverse regulatory landscapes and data availability. For instance, in Latin America, practitioners mostly use data from publicly listed companies for their analyses due to the immediacy of the data required by local tax authorities. In contrast, European benchmarks may include data from both public and private companies, allowing analyses to be drawn from a broader data set typically covering a three-year period. 


The Growing Importance of Benchmarking 

As more countries develop and refine their transfer pricing regulations, the role of benchmarking becomes more crucial. New regulations in emerging TP (Transfer Pricing) markets often require comprehensive benchmark studies as standard practice. This regulatory evolution shows a shift from the simpler, more lenient approaches of the past to more severe demands, forcing robust support systems to help companies navigate this complex landscape. 


Innovations in Benchmarking Practices 

In response to these challenges, we have developed innovative solutions made for the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings cater to a range of scenarios from multinationals with in-house tax expertise to smaller firms that lack the knowledge and resources to afford expensive database subscriptions. 


Market range: pragmatic solutions for low-risk, low-volume intercompany transactions. A market overview could be sufficient to set prices within an acceptable range.

In-House Benchmarking: This possibility is suitable for tax teams and professionals that prefer to keep control over the benchmarking process but struggle with the excessive cost of traditional databases. 

Outsourcing: Ideal for companies facing high intercompany transaction volumes or complex cases where expert review is considered necessary. This is also favorable if you simply do not want to think about benchmarking in-house. 

Our Approach 

We offer a set of options that integrate seamlessly with existing operational frameworks, allowing clients to choose the level of support that best fits their needs. Whether it’s adopting a pragmatic approach for simpler cases or engaging in comprehensive in-house analysis with external data support, our goal is to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions. 



As the landscape of transfer pricing continues to evolve, so must the tools and strategies used by businesses to comply with international standards. By understanding the nuances of benchmarking and making use of tailored solutions, companies can navigate these waters with greater confidence and efficiency. 


We are committed to supporting our clients through this journey, providing insights and solutions that not only meet the current standards but also anticipate future trends in the field. If you are looking to refine your company’s approach to transfer pricing and benchmarking, we are here to help you find the path that best suits your needs. Just schedule a call with us or see our latest Webinar about our benchmarking solution.