Short Coperitas videos

We have created short and practical video’s for you in order to give a short impression of a few of the features which Coperitas offers. These are only some of the many possible applications of the transfer pricing software. Learn in a few minutes how Coperitas handles challenges like:

  1. Transfer pricing documentation process;
  2. Entity management for tax teams;
  3. Obtaining insight in your organization and much more!

Feel free to schedule a demo after the videos to get the full picture of Coperitas!

Coperitas Document Generation

Coperitas transforms the transfer pricing documentation process into a couple clicks of a button!

Label management enables to obtain a better insight in the company when it relates to business units, fiscal unities and value chain.

Label Management

Legal Tree

The powerful visualisation technique of Coperitas enables to draw the company’s legal tree based on raw data from ERP-systems.

The questionnaire in Coperitas takes away the hassle of local information gathering. A streamlined information gathering process.


Savings Calculator

Uncertain if transfer pricing automation is beneficial for you? Try the savings calculator and find out how much resources can be saved!

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