The most frequently asked questions


Is there an audit trail in Coperitas?

Yes, changes in data fields are tracked in Coperitas.

How many templates can I create?

There is no limit on the amount of templates that can be created.

How are templates created?

Templates can be created by selecting user defined text blocks. Text blocks are applicable on multiple templates to guarentee consistency.

How many (Transfer Pricing) documents can I create/generate?

There is no limit on the amount of (Transfer Pricing) documents that can be created. Documents are created/generated using templates.

Can I perform risk analysis on my CbCR data?

Yes, it is possible set up analytic ratios for risk analysis purposes which can be visualized.

Can I include CbCR data in Coperitas?

Yes, if opted for the full version it is possible to include table 1 and 2 data in Coperitas.

Can I identify and visualize management groups?

Yes, it is possible to visualize your management groups through the flexible label management system.

Can I visualize my value chain?

Yes, it is possible to visualize your value chain through the flexible label management system.

Can I perform an visual analysis on data included in Coperitas?

Yes, it is possible to define your own analytics within Coperitas which can be visualized.

How can I find documents within Coperitas?

A search bar is included in Coperitas. It also searches through the documents itself (excluding scanned documents or pictures).

Can I store documents in Coperitas?

Yes, Coperitas can be your central storage for documents.

Can I generate other documents than Transfer Pricing documentation?

Yes, the document generator is flexible. It is possible to generate any text document (e.g. legal agreements and policy papers).

Can I use my existing Transfer Pricing documentation?

Yes, Coperitas is designed to be flexible. It is possible to reverse engineer you existing TP documentation into Coperitas.

Is Coperitas directly linked to my ERP system?

Data will be separately uploaded to Coperitas. However, a real time connection is possible upon specific request.

How is data imported into Coperitas?

Manually or through mass upload from Excel.

Do I need external consultants to operate Coperitas?

No, you are fully in control of Coperitas. You decide whether you exclusively operate Coperitas in-house or give external consultants access to Coperitas as well.

How can I access Coperitas?

Coperitas is cloud based and is accessible through webbrowsers from all around the world.

Are there standard templates available including local Transfer Pricing documentation requirements?

It is possible to align templates with local Transfer Pricing documentation requirements yourself, however these are not standard included in Coperitas. A standard OECD-template is available to use.

Are local filing deadlines included in Coperitas?

It is possible to include local filing deadlines in Coperitas, but these are not standard included.

What does a demo look like?

The first step to a valuable demo is to identify your challenges and needs in the field of Transfer Pricing. Based on this outcome we will focus the demo on those aspects and show you how Coperitas can support you with these challenges. Of course, if the analysis shows Coperitas can currently not support you with your challenges, we will discuss with you whether a demo is still useful (we do not want to waste your valuable time).

Can a demo be held online or at our local office?

The easiest way to have a look at Coperitas is an online session. As Coperitas is a cloud-based application, there is also a possibility to perform a demo at your local office. This can be discussed during your request and depends on the travel distance.

How much does a demo cost?

A demo is free of charge.


What are the costs of implementation?

The costs of implementation depend on a couple of factors:

  1. The amount of implementation activities to be performed depends on your personal goals and preferences.
  2. Implementation activities can be performed internally or can be outsourced to Coperitas staff. You decide how much internal time or resources you want to use or the activities you would like to outsource. Implementation is rendered at our hourly rate of € 150,- if you decide to outsource it to Coperitas staff.
What is the implementation process?

The implementation steps depend on your personal goals and available resources (internal staff, time and funds). In general, the implementation process will look as follows:

  1. Together we determine the scope of implementation and steps to be taken
  2. Distribution of implementation steps amongst both parties (you and Coperitas staff). As you have full control over Coperitas, you can do much of the implementation yourself. If preferred, our Coperitas staff can support you.
  3. Set-up of client test and production environments.
  4. Start collecting and processing necessary information and data.
  5. Deliver a full production environment.
How fast can I start after I decide to work with Coperitas?

As Coperitas is cloud based, we can easily set you up with your own personal environment within a working-day if needed.


Is implementation included in the annual license fee?

You only pay for what you use. Implementation is not included in the annual license fee and is separately offered.

What are the cost of using Coperitas?

Coperitas can be licensed on an annual basis. This license fee depends on the chosen module.

Is there a limit on number of users?

No, there is no limit on the number of users. Unlimited use is included in the annual license fee.

Which grade of investment is needed to start with Coperitas?

It is possible to start small by going through a Proof of Concept phase (small investment). After this phase you can opt to fully work with Coperitas. An annual license fee will be applicable and further implementation cost if needed.


Is there a manual in place?

Yes, customers have access to a detailed manual to operate Coperitas.

Is there any implementation support?

Yes, after discussing the implementation scope we support you with implementation if needed.

How is technical support arranged?

A support desk is in place to support you with technical difficulties.

What types of support is offered?

Technical support and implementation support is offered.

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