Streamlining Transfer Pricing Management
Cloud based

Empowering people

With our Coperitas tool, we provide various broad functionalities to make transfer pricing easy for your company.

Transfer pricing monitoring

Monitor your transfer pricing margins, deadlines, and expiring documents.

Document generation

Generate TP reports, intercompany agreements etc. while remaining flexible.

Company insight

Visualize your corporate structure and intercompany transactions.

Audit trail

Coperitas keeps track of every change you will make.


Coperitas runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Label management

Free format labeling. Identify sub-groups within your organization.

Data import

Easy import of data through an Excel template.

User rights management

Differentiate in user rights as appropriate.

Value chain analysis

Create insight in your companies’ value chain.


Create insight in your company data and perform risk analyses.

Central data storage

Store all relevant (financial) data and documents in one place.

Country-by-country reporting

Store CbCR data in Coperitas and obtain insight in possible risks.

“Very user-friendly and makes my work a lot easier by eliminating repetitive tasks.”

Simone Vos - Quantera Global
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Calculate your savings with Coperitas

Use the Savings Calculator below to find out how much budget you may save. Compare your current situation with the future using Coperitas. This calculation is based on our experiences regarding implementation and running costs.

The result? Directly receive an estimation of your 3 years’ savings while obtaining all benefits of the Coperitas Software.

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Empowering people

Controlling transfer pricing within the dynamic transfer pricing environment is challenging.
However, we at Coperitas believe transfer pricing can be made easy.