Managing your transfer pricing (compliance) requirements worldwide.

Is your tax team up to date of all transfer pricing (compliance) requirements/legislation?

Although this is a very broad question, we distinguish several stages/levels of information:
1. All local file and master file preparation deadlines;
2. Requirements with respect to filing of the TP documentation;
3. Country specific local file information (i.e. for penalty protection); and
4. Deadlines and information with respect to transfer pricing forms.

Although these levels of information might sound very familiar and obvious, we experience that most tax teams struggle to keep this information updated (without costing too much effort). In practice, due to the large time effort needed, most tax teams only keep track of the levels 1 and 2 to keep it manageable.

Lastly, also consider the following: having these information levels lined up in a Excel sheet might not give you the feeling of control. In the end you have to track these deadlines yourself in your agenda/calendar.

So, if you recognize the above and wish to become in control of these deadlines and information, we have a solution for you at Coperitas.