Mike van Vuuren and Maikel Verhoeven join the Coperitas management team

We are pleased to announce that Mike van Vuuren and Maikel Verhoeven became co-owners of Coperitas as of 1 January this year and joined the management team. Both colleagues have been active with Coperitas for a number of years.

Mike began his career in transfer pricing consulting, but his passion for automation soon led him to focus on developing the Coperitas software and business. Mike now manages Coperitas’ day-to-day operation and business development. Maikel also started his career in transfer pricing consulting, but in recent years has shown his capabilities and interest in the business development of the Coperitas software proposition. Besides his role within Coperitas he will also remain active as a transfer pricing consultant.

Mike van Vuuren: “My goal has always been to help people and get the best out of them. This next step in my career enables me to empower and inspire people around me even more and develop their skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. As a huge fan of automation and technology, I genuinely believe we have the perfect team and solution to help others do their work better and make it more fun. Let’s discover new possibilities, grow together, and become 0.1 percent better every day.”

Maikel Verhoeven: “If you look at the regulatory trend, the compliance burden of MNEs keeps increasing while talented staff is hard to find. Moreover, if your colleagues have to perform boring, repetitive work, they may look for another challenge. Coperitas solves both issues simultaneously by providing people with software that allows them to focus on value-added work while remaining flexible and able to create customized reports. The Coperitas product-market fit has been confirmed by many clients and I am excited to contribute to the further growth of our business and look forward to seeing where this will take us.”

Theo Elshof, co-owner of Coperitas, adds: “The way we work together and empower each other and clients gives me fresh energy each day. I am glad that Mike and Maikel bring this same DNA and their own expertise to the management team”. Rudolf Sinx, co-owner of Coperitas, contributes: “Both Mike and Maikel fit perfectly into the existing management team. Among other things, they bring strong operational excellence and understanding of the transfer pricing automation challenges, which is essential in the company’s proposition to the market.” Richard Slimmen, co-owner of Coperitas, adds: “Both Mike and Maikel already have proved to be great colleagues with a strong drive to deliver the best products and results to clients. They are perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between consultancy and automation”.

Coperitas aims to empower people to deal with the ever-increasing tax and transfer pricing compliance challenges, whether they are working in in-house corporate tax teams or at consultancy firms. For more details or a demo to illustrate our approach, please contact us at info@coperitas.com