Reach your goal in 4 steps

Onboarding process

Curious how your journey with Coperitas could start? Below we will briefly elaborate in 4 simple steps.


01. Demo & Proof of Concept

Start with a real time Demo to discuss your goals and obtain a live impression of Coperitas. Are you convinced about its capabilities? Continue with a Proof of Concept to test Coperitas.


02. Module & License

Are your goals and needs crystal clear after the demo or Proof of Concept? The next step involves decision making regarding the right module and license in line with your goals.


03. Implementation

Together we determine a proper implementation plan. Allocate implementation efforts based on your available resources in a flexible manner. Train the key team in working with Coperitas.


04. Support

We are always available to support you after the implementation and during your use of the tool. Not only at the start, but at each step you wish to take in the field of automation and transfer pricing.

“Coperitas makes preparing documentation a pleasure and automates all repetitive work.”

Quantera Global

Do you need
something different?

Are you a transfer pricing service provider or are you looking for something different?
Coperitas also has a tailored solution for you.