Usage plans

Our 3 step onboarding process.

1. Choose your module

We have developed two modules for you to choose from (Light and Full). As every client may have their personal preferences and goals.



  • Legal entities
  • Data storage
  • Labels
  • Generation
  • Audit Trail

2. Determine license

The annual license fee is based on usage, the number of countries in which you decide you use the Coperitas solution.

You are not limited to the amount of documents to generate per country or users to have access to Coperitas, as we do not believe in such pricing parameters. You should not be limited in any way.

3. Implementation

Together determine the allocation of work during the implementation phase.

As Coperitas is flexible and the user is in full control, we value the possibility for you to perform most of implementation work in house or if no time is available to outsource implementation to us.

Curious for an indication of the license fee for you company?

Please fill in the form below.

License fee

Receive an indication of the license fee.
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