Video’s & Webinars

We highly value sharing knowledge, as Coperitas is developed in collaboration with Tax teams and consultants sharing their experiences in the field of Transfer Pricing. Giving back to the community by sharing these learnings, we aim to empower others. As pictures speak more than words, we recorded videos and webinars for you to obtain the best experience in the most transparant way.

Webinars Coperitas

The Coperitas webinars are set up to provide you with insights regarding transfer pricing automation. During these webinars transfer pricing and automation professionals share information as food for thought in full transparancy.

What others say about our webinars: “We highly appreciate the open and value added information given through your webinars”.

Short Coperitas video’s

We have created short and practical video’s for you . Learn in a few minutes how Coperitas handles challenges like:

  • Entity management for Tax teams;
  • Transfer pricing documentation process;
  • Obtaining insight in your organization and much more!

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