Webinar 11/2/2021 “Data & Transfer Pricing: nothing to worry about!”

On Thursday 11 February 2021, we will host a webinar “Data & Transfer Pricing: nothing to worry about!” in which we show you our approach in data gathering and data handling for the Coperitas Software.

Obtaining data from ERP(s) and uploading this into transfer pricing software tools as Coperitas without the need for manual efforts can often be seen as challenging. Sometimes this can be experienced as an obstacle to even start using software within the transfer pricing practice. Let us show you why there is nothing to worry about working with the latest technology. During this webinar we present to you our approach together with our guest speakers Tim van Uden and John Bruijns from Advance Tax Group (‘ATG’). With this unique collaboration there is really nothing to worry about!

In this webinar, the following subjects will be discussed:

  • – From ERP(s) to Coperitas;
  • – Frequently asked questions;
  • – Questions and answers; and
  • – Coperitas’ proposition


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