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Events & webinars

To show the concept and inner workings of the Coperitas Software, we host webinars to actively discuss and showcase the great impact automation can bring to the field of transfer pricing. Re-watch the previous webinars below or join the discussion during upcoming webinars by registering.

If webinars are not your cup of tea, feel free to watch the short videos about Coperitas handling transfer pricing challenges (here).

April 2024 - Benchmarking solution launch event

Benchmarking solution launch event
Date: 23 April 2024
Time: 4 PM CET
Speakers: Mike van Vuuren & Dayla Peque

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Coperitas is launching a Benchmarking solution.  


But what will this entail? Will it be useful for you? And what exactly can it do? These are all questions we would love to answer for you! 


On the 23rd of April, we will host a webinar specifically to demonstrate the product and show you what it can do. We will also be there to answer any questions and help with any concerns you have. 


So, if you’re still unsure or want to see what the product can do before committing to it, come and join us at our benchmarking launch! 


We’ll see you there! 

oktober 2024 - Coperitas webinar

Transfer Pricing outlook for 2024
Date: Oktober 2024
More information following soon
Speakers: Mike van Vuuren (Coperitas)

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As the compliance burden is recurring and increasing every year, it might become necessary to (re)consider the level of compliance with local regulations. Having a TP compliance strategy in place is key in this era. Aligning your resourcing with a certain level of compliance and detail. Work smart by creating a standard approach regarding local compliance and keep control over the process. Regulations are very dynamic, so what can we expect in 2024?

During this webinar we provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • How to set up your TP compliance process?
  • How to execute your TP compliance process in line with your resources?
  • What to expect in 2024?
  • How to manage your compliance burden in 2024?
Watch the webinars below.

Previous webinars

Webinar 1

Introduction to Coperitas

Within the transfer pricing practice efficiency and consistency is key. Coperitas increases this by automating the generation of Transfer Pricing documentation. To be in control of your transfer pricing position, the Coperitas Software enables you to obtain overview and insight in data as well as monitoring.

In this webinar, the following subjects are discussed:

– The concept of Coperitas
– What Coperitas has to offer
– How Coperitas supports you
– Coperitas’ proposition

Webinar 2

Transfer Pricing documentation process

During this webinar we elaborated on the differences between the manual transfer pricing documentation process and the software process including any pros and cons. In this webinar, the following subjects are discussed:

– Transfer pricing compliance options
– Manual process
– Software process
– Pros and cons

Webinar 3

Data & Transfer pricing

Obtaining data from ERP(s) and uploading this into transfer pricing software tools as Coperitas without the need for manual efforts can often be seen as challenging. Sometimes this can be experienced as an obstacle to even start using software within the transfer pricing practice. Let us show you why there is nothing to worry about working with the latest technology. During this webinar we present to you our approach together with our guest speakers Tim van Uden and John Bruijns from Advance Tax Group (‘ATG’). In this webinar, the following subjects will be discussed:

– From ERP(s) to Coperitas;
– Frequently asked questions;
– Questions and answers; and
– Coperitas’ proposition.

Webinar 4

Entity Management and Transfer Pricing

We experienced a common problem that most Tax Departments do not have access to a Legal Entity Management System for tax purposes. And that while a proper overview is essential for them to effectively perform their daily activities. A lack of access to the up-to-date overview of the MNE’s entities, combined with a central Document Management System has become essential to successfully operate as a tax team.

Although the Coperitas Software mainly focuses on transfer pricing compliance, it is unique in its legal entity management solution for transfer pricing purposes. In this webinar, the following subjects will be discussed:

– Common issues
– Solutions (visualizations, legal tree, audit trail, label management)
– Coperitas’ Proposition

Webinar 5

Time to save Budget & Time

We discuss the savings your company can make when using the Coperitas Software to deal with your transfer pricing compliance. During the webinar we elaborate on how the software enables these savings, by showing various case studies. This might be the optimal way to visualize the potential benefits it brings to your company.

Webinar 6 – part A

TP Documentation & Coperitas

In this webinar Maikel Verhoeven (Quantera Global) and Mike van Vuuren will provide you with tips and tricks on how to manage your TP compliance burden in 2022.

We will talk you through the developments in the TP world, TP documentation & compliance, and the common mistakes made.

Webinar 6 – part B

TP Documentation & Coperitas

In this webinar Maikel Verhoeven (Quantera Global) and Mike van Vuuren will provide you with tips and tricks on how to manage your TP compliance burden in 2022.

We will touch upon the matter of developing your own risk based approach, the benefit of using software, and several business cases.


Empowering people

Controlling transfer pricing within the dynamic transfer pricing environment is challenging.
However, we at Coperitas believe transfer pricing can be made easy.